Effortless Ponytail Hacks: Elevating the Classic Ponytail

Effortless Ponytail Hacks: Elevating the Classic Ponytail

We’ve all faced it at one point or another: our tried and true ponytail isn’t cutting it anymore. Well, worry not. Have we got the perfect solution for you! We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks to help elevate your classic ponytail, creating simple and effortless looks that’ll take you anywhere. So get your hair ties ready and stay tuned, because these hacks are sure to give your ponytail an instant refresh.

1. Create a Ponytail with a Style Twist

Creating a ponytail is a simple and classic style that can be worn almost anywhere. But why not give it a twist to keep it fresh and add a bit of personality? For an easy style update, try one of these options.

  • Bow Ponytail
  • French Braid Base
  • Voluminous Bump

Bow Ponytail: To create a bow-shaped ponytail, create a high and low ponytail and tie it with an elasticated band. Next, loop the ends of the high pony and secure them with Bobby pins. Wrap the low pony’s ends around the base and secure with Bobby pins. The result will be an elegant bow-shaped ponytail.

French Braid Base: To add a more intricate part to your ponytail, first create a French braid from the tips of your hair up to your desired ponytail height. Secure with elasticated band. Now you have a strong and secure base for your ponytail. Use the bouffant method by gently back-combing the strands of the ponytail and gather them up into your desired style. You can also use this method to give an added volume to your ponytail.

Voluminous Bump: To create an effortless glam look, try the voluminous bump technique. Start by teasing hair at the crown of the head with a tail comb. Then, tie your hair back in a low ponytail and secure with an elasticated band. Twist the base of the ponytail. Next, take small sections from the tail and wrap around the base to form a bun. Secure with Bobby pins. Finally, leave a few wispy strands to frame the face, for a whimsical effect.

2. Flaunt a Structured Upper-Ponytail

Upper-Ponytail not only looks amazingly stunning but also frames your face in a super-flattering way. Sounds like a classic style, doesn’t it? While getting the right look may seem difficult, it’s really quite easy. Here’s how to nail it:

  • Start with a clean base—day-old hair, preferably. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, day-old hair yields better results than freshly washed as the texture is easier to manipulate.
  • Pull your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of the head and secure it with an elastic. Tease the pony with your fingers for extra texture and volume.
  • If you’re looking for added oomph, gently backcomb the length of the ponytail and lift gently at the roots of the hair.
  • Finish with a light mist of hairspray to set the look.

Your new Upper-Ponytail style is ready to be flaunted! Keep it loose, for a casual and relaxed look, or try wrapping a thin strand of hair around the base and secure it with a bobby pin for a more put together look. You can add extra embellishments for a bolder statement and make the look your own.

Ease of styling, versatility, and structure? This style has it all! Flaunt it proudly and show off your new tress trend.

3. Accessorize Your Ponytail to Perfection

There’s no reason why ponytails have to be boring; try adding some accessories to spruce up your hairstyle! Hair clips, bows, and ribbons are all simple yet stylish additions to your look.

  • Hair Clips: Hair clips are some of the simplest ways to add a bit of sparkle to your hairstyle. Whether you choose a classic metal barrette, statement-making jeweled shape, or bold animal-inspired design, they can pull together any look in no time!
  • Bows: Bows are another option that can give your ponytail a unique twist. Choose from fabric, grosgrain, velvet, or even ribbon in a variety of colors to find the perfect hue to fit your style.
  • Ribbons: Ribbon can have a much subtler effect than bows, but they can still dress up your ponytail. Go for a single strand in a contrasting color to get the most impact, or use multiple pieces in mismatched shades.

No matter which accessory type you choose, make sure to select pieces that fit the occasion. For a casual Brunch with friends, go with larger scales bows or clips, but for weekend nights out slick up your ponytail with slim, metal hair clips for a hint of elegance. Use as many accessories as you like, and keep switching it up to find the look that best suits you!

4. From Flat to Fab: Ponytail Volume Tricks

Beachy Waves: Start with your second-day hair or if you’re starting fresh, spray your hair with a light texturizing spray to add some hold and volume. Part your hair in half with a comb or your finger, and then grab each section of your the ponytail and twist around one another to form the beginning of the wave. Pull on the loops and hold the twist firmly in place for about 20 seconds. After that, pull out the twist from the front and back to create waves moving away from your face. Finish with hairspray to ensure the waves stay in place.

Tease for Height: If you’ve got a medium length to long hair and you’re looking for a more dramatic look, try teasing the area before you pull it into a ponytail. Teasing the crown of your head can add some serious height! To achieve the look, spritz the area with some dry shampoo and then using a fine-tooth comb, gently back brush the area to create the teasing action. Gently wrap your strands in a ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Roll and Fold: For an ultra-glam look, create the appearance of rolling the hair up with this trick. Start with dry clean hair and get a slight tease going at the crown, then tightly fold the hair on the top, creating a mini bun. Secure the loop with a few bobby pins and then wrap the hair around the elastic in the ponytail to give it a heightened look.

  • Work with second-day hair or use a texturizing spray
  • Part your hair and twist each section into loops and hold for 20 seconds
  • Back brush the area of your crown with a fine-tooth comb to tease
  • Fold the top of your hair outward and secure with bobby pins
  • Wrap the ponytail around the elastic for a heightened look

5. Put the Fun in Functional: Ponytail Ideas for Every Occasion

The right ponytail does more than just keep hair off your face and out of your eyes. It can make a statement, too. From your office to the gym, here are five fun and functional ponytail ideas for every occasion.

  • Messy Boho Chic – Reach for a few bobby pins and ribbon to hold back your look. Leaving a few wisps near your forehead and teasing for texture gives a more effortless feel.
  • 60’s Bump – Using a teasing comb, push hair away from your forehead toward the crown of your head. Start gathering it all together at the nape of your neck, then secure with a clear elastic.
  • Double Knotted – Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Take a section from the end of the ponytail and loop it around the elastic to create a lasso effect. Pull the ends through the lasso and wrap it around the elastic one more time, and secure with a bobby pin.

When it’s time to turn up the glamour for a special occasion, try one of these fancy ponytails.

  • Braided – Section off an area at the top of your head from ear to ear. Gather the remainder of your hair and secure with an elastic. Braid the top section and wrap it around the main ponytail for a complete look.
  • Fishtail – Start by creating a side part in your hair, and use an elastic to gather the hair from the nape of your neck. Create a fishtail braid using the ponytail hair, then secure the end with an elastic.
  • Half-Up Dutch-Braid – Dutch-braiding is adding new sections of hair to the braid as you go. This style only uses a small section of the hair. Start from the part in your hair and add hair from both sides as you braid. Once you reach the end of the braid, gather the remaining hair into a ponytail.

No matter what the occasion, there’s a perfect ponytail idea waiting. Whether it’s a look for the office or a night out, there’s a style to match any mood.

Whether you have a second-day ponytail, a sleek office-ready look, or a voluminous movie-star ponytail, you can make any occasion a glitzy affair with a classic ponytail. With these effortless ponytail hacks, you can elevate your look with minimal effort. And remember: you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Enjoy!


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