Bridal Hair Trends: Modern and Romantic Hairstyles for Brides

Bridal Hair Trends: Modern and Romantic Hairstyles for Brides

From classic and traditional to modern and fresh, an elegant bridal hairstyle is the one aspect of your wedding day look that will remain timeless for years to come. For brides-to-be searching for new ways to create a truly unique and beautiful hairstyle for their big day, we’re exploring the newest trends in bridal hair design. From romantic updos to contemporary waves, discover the perfect modern and romantic hairstyles for brides!

This season, hair trends for brides are all about embracing elegance with modern touches for a unique look! To ensure you look your best on your big day, here are some special trends to keep in mind when it comes to bridal hair.

  • Seamless Low Ponytails – Contrasting with sleek, modern wedding gowns, this low ponytail hairstyle provides a timeless, romantic look. Create this style with freshly washed hair, and style by pulling hair back into a low ponytail and twisting strands around the elastic, making sure to hide it.
  • Subtle Curls – Another timeless choice for your wedding day, soft waves are always a classic look for any occasion. Achieve this style by using a curling iron wand to create loose curls. And finish off the look with a light mist of hair spray.
  • Half Up/Half Down – Combining a hint of both the all-up and all-down look, this style is perfect for a fashionable yet romantic look. To achieve this look, use the curling wand to curl the top layer and sides of your hair, leaving the bottom part of your hair straight. Tease slightly at the crown and then finish off by pulling the top and sides back, creating a half-up/half-down look.

No matter which bridal look you choose, be sure to complete your dress with a carefully styled hairdo. Consider incorporating some modern touches into your hair style to create a modern yet elegant look on your wedding day!

2. Romantic Beauty for the 21st Century Bride

Bridal fashion has come a long way over the years, and the 21st century bride embraces a romantic elegance that is more dazzling than ever. When planning a wedding, timeless creations can take center stage and captivate guests. So what type of looks are brides turning to for their special day? Here are just a few styles that flatter today’s bride:

  • Soft Silhouettes: Brides everywhere are opting for timeless silhouettes in soft fabrics like tulle, chiffon, and organza. These soft fabrics are comfortable and move beautifully, with pleats and panels to show off the romance of each style.
  • Delicate Lace: With lace, there’s no need to overdo it. Instead, include just a touch of delicate lace in specific areas of the gown—the collarbone, the edge of the skirt, or the sleeve—for a stunning, understated finish.
  • Ethereal Embellishments: There are infinite ways to add embellishments to a bridal gown, but sticking to a distinct style adds an ethereal allure. Think small bows, or subtle beading starting at the bodice and gradually fading along the skirt.
  • Romantic, Breezy Fabrics: Combining airy fabrics on a gown makes it dance and float with each step. Georgette, crepe, and chiffon often make up the majority of the dress, while tulle is used to add layers of romance.

These romantic designs are perfect for any 21st century bride. Whether she opts to wear a classic, timeless gown or a more modern twist on an older style, the results are graceful and beautiful. On her special day, her romantic beauty will leave a lasting impression throughout her day and on into the future.

3. Fabulous Updos for the Big Day

On your wedding day, you want to look perfect from every angle. A fabulous updo is guaranteed to complete your look! Here are three stunning updos to choose from.

  • Classic French Bun: The classic French bun is an evergreen favorite for wedding updos. It’s beautiful, elegant, and is sure to bring out your timeless beauty. This style goes well with both traditional and modern bridal ensembles.
  • Charm Updo: If you want to wait for a touching charm, the charm updo is the way to go! Flaunt your amazing features such as your eyes, ears, collar bones, and the back of your neck with this exciting style. Create a beautiful contrast with the hair accessories or decoration you choose.
  • Sleek Ponytail: Couldn’t get any simpler and yet so chic! Whether you’re a fashionista who loves to like her looks to perfection or a low-key girl who loves to keep it simple, the sleek ponytail is sure to make you feel the best of both worlds. It guarantees to match any gown of yours and is a great way to show off your neck and sparkly earrings.

To look a million dollar on your wedding day, choose one of these fabulous updos and grace your big day in the most spectacular style!

4. Creative Braids and Twists that Sparkle

We all know that braids and twists let you express yourself in unique ways. But why not take it up a notch and make your look sparkle? These creative braids and twists show that you can still look classic and sensational without being too over the top. Here are some ideas on how to get the glitz and glam you’re after…

  • Add glimmering gems into the mix. Whether they are metallic beads or iridescent stones, these can add a dramatic and beautiful detail to any braided or twisted style.
  • Accessorize your style with a crystal encrusted barrette. This is a great way to jazz up a simple ponytail or bun.
  • Try French braids with silver thread. This adds a subtle shimmer to the look.

You can also use colorful clips or ribbons to add a unique twist to a classic French or Dutch braid. And don’t forget the sparkly dry shampoo! This is an ideal way to revive second (or even third) day hair without compromising on glitter and glam.

Creative braids and twists with sparkle can take an everyday look and make it into something truly special. You can express yourself in new and exciting ways, all while looking like a million stars. So go on, and let your hair shine!

5. Soft and Simple Styles for a Timeless Look

The timeless look of effortless sophistication is something that can be made accessible by keeping the styles you choose for your outfit both soft and simple. Whether through clothing or accessories, this look can be achieved without breaking the bank or straying from your comfort zone.

Choose comfortable and versatile pieces to form the building blocks of your wardrobe. Opt for simple tops and trousers in muted tones, and keep the cuts minimal. By sticking to timeless designs and investing in quality fabrics, you can achieve a classic aesthetic that won’t go out of style.

Accessories can also help to add a subtle touch of glamour for days when you want to feel fancy while still keeping it demure and classic.

  • Scarves – patterned or plain, add a classic touch to your outfit and keep you warm, if necessary.
  • Jewellery – delicate rings or pendant necklaces aiming for subtlety rather than opulence.
  • Hats – panama and fedora hats are perfect for a soft yet stylish look.
  • Glasses – classic frames that help to frame your face and add a polished feel.

Finally, a simple pair of shoes is all that is needed to complete the timeless look. Shoes in classic shapes and black leather are timeless and never seem to lose their chic appeal.

Grab a brush, get your glam, and top off your bridal look with one of these romantic and modern bridal hair trends. With the right hairstyle, you can create a look, and feel like the beautiful, stylish bride you are!


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